As cross-border manufacturing, these years is a very common phenomenon. But from the new CR-V design, it is clear that the cross-border design clear performance. Can be said that changes in the design of the past, the old Honda, from the beginning of the angular, to the late soft styling, and then to todays sharp fashion, are a reflection of Honda design changes. From the details of the design point of view, the new CR-V active open and close the grille and the entire LED light group set, are constantly reflecting the new car design rhythm and personality design features, so the new CRV as a whole To the local evolution can be seen, this car is the enterprise for consumers to build the personality and models E46 M3 Camber Plates. Similarly, in a pragmatic way, the implantation of new technology makes this CR-V even more powerful. Such as vehicle length and width of the increase, as well as changes in the characteristics of new models prominent, are well reflected in the new CR-V to regain the confidence of the market. In particular, the new Honda CR-V all selected turbine engines, which enhance the power of new cars, but also better highlight the characteristics of Honda manufacturing technology, can really make consumers sit up and take notice. As a new generation of models S13 Coilovers, but also in technology and information platform to make a difference, to provide consumers with a better platform, but also to make the new CR-V has a more attractive. It can be said that, as the 2017 Honda one of the main push models, is indeed able to work independently of the new concept models, which is precisely reflects the generous Honda manufacturing and momentum. Although the new CR-V evo coilovers gives a feeling of old trees and new flowers, but the cars brand vitality formed, indeed has been strong to the point of raspberry. Only from this point can be said that Hondas new car design, is indeed a need for independent enterprises to learn. It is noteworthy that, learning Honda Honda design and technology should be like a table, rather than only copy and imitate the appearance of models.